The Vineyard

The origins

The first vineyards in our family probably date from before 1850.

Raymond Dulac arrived at Verdelais and worked the vineyard with his father-in-law, Julius Busse. 
It was then a modest operation with 5 ha of vineyards: two hectares in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, some small plots in Verdelais and one and a half hectares at Saint-Maixant.

Direct sales

In 1926, Raymond Dulac bottled Domaine Roustit 1924 (a sweet white wine from Sainte-Croix-du-Mont) to sell directly to individual customers in Gironde and the neighbouring departments. It was a success.
By being directly involved rather than using an agent, he became the guarantor to the customer for the quality of wines produced at the winery by Mr.Boussié. 

Over time, each generation has sought to maintain this link with its customers.
The vineyard was thus able to address an increasingly well-informed demand.

The tradition of sweet white wines

In 1940, Mr Séraphon, the son-in-law of Raymond Dulac, and a little later his son, Yves Dulac, joined the vineyard.

In 1953, the vineyard expanded with the purchase of Château La Nère, in Loupiac, ideally situated to develop excellent sweet wines.
This property, together with the Roustit Domaine at Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, confirmed the family's expertise in the art of preparation of golden sweet wines.

Towards other appellations

In 1964, the property was enlarged with the acquisition of château Chanteloiseau a few hundred metres from the cellars, between the château Malagar and the Calvary of Verdelais, an ideally situated vineyard for the quality of its soil and its exposure. We should mention two appellations for this area: Bordeaux and Côtes de Bordeaux. Due to its very poor condition, the entire vineyard was replanted.
The vineyard thus went from 5 to 50 ha.

In 1976, Guy Dulac joined his uncle and his father on the property, and later, in 1985, Maïté Séraphon also joined. 
Today Guy manages the operation, backed up by a team of passionate winemakers who know their trade and thus are continuing the efforts made by previous generations.

Changes in techniques

During all these years, each generation was able to change its techniques and means of production with the goal of producing wines of ever higher quality. 
Thus certain developments offer comfort and precision such as:
The construction of a modern winery and its multiple expansions, the acquisition of stainless steel tanks, a pneumatic press, and equipment for filtration and packaging of wines ...

However other developments have slowed down production time in order to improve quality.
Thus under the leadership of Guy Dulac, the vineyard ages some of its production in barrels. 
Producing two exceptional wines, aged in oak barrels: a Loupiac Reserve and a Côtes de Bordeaux Red).